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The Mystery of Lauren Spierer Has Been Discovered


Franz Polzer, a construction worker is rumored to have taken Lauren Spierer after she spent a night of partying with friends on June 3. 

Little is known about Franz Polzer except what people are whispering on the streets. It is being reported that he has Lauren Spierer locked in a bedroom in his four bedroom home.

"Polzer is leading a double life" an anonymous witness states, "First as a single upper middle class man that nobody suspects of doing anything wrong, and second as the husband of Lauren Spierer who is his common law wife with three children."

Polzer is being described as an authoritarian figure who lives a perfect life keeping everything under control.

When he first took Spierer he quickly chained her to an iron bed post with the chain long enough where she could use the toilet and shower, but not long enough where she could walk out of the locked room he has her in.

The anonymous informant says that Polzer has been giving Lauren Spierer daily doses of Propranolol, a prescription drug, to slowly erase the memories of her past life. He distributes the drug inside of her food and juice. So far Spierer has completely forgotten her real name and only recognizes her new name, "Jane." She doesn't remember her parents or the fact that she is 20-years-old. She only believes that she is married to Polzer and there was a nuclear war that turned people into mutant monsters. She believes that the chain attached to her left foot with a pair of handcuffs is magical and it keeps the monsters away from her room.

The bolts holding her bed together were welded by Polzer to prevent her from taking the bed apart. Polzer also has Hollywood pictures of zombies attached to the wall to reinforce Spierer's ideas about mutant monsters lurking outside of the house.

There is a refrigerator with food and water inside of the room and the door to the room has been sealed behind a second wall made of drywall with a hidden revolving door held shut with large magnets, leading to the inside of the room.

Polzer has build a new world for his captive in a cramped, windowless room. He provides her with food, vitamins, and clothing, bought outside town to avoid suspicion.

Photographs show a large room, finished with wall to wall sound absorbing ATS Acoustic Panels and with the same sound absorbing panels covering the entire ceiling. The bathroom is covered wall to wall in accoustic panels. The floor is covered with sound absorbing panels and a second floor is suspended above it, resting on wooden beams, covered with plywood and carpeting.

Everytime Polzer comes back from work he has sex with her three to five times during the day.

Lauren Spierer being prepared for sex.