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Tristane Banon Is a Liar And a Publicity Seeker

Tristane Banon a French writer who is desperate for fame and recognition after years of struggling unsuccessfully to make a name for herself in the literary world,  filed a criminal complaint Tuesday against embattled former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, alleging attempted rape, according to her attorney David Koubbi.

Tristane Banon is rumored to be a lesbian among the French elite in France.

A Strauss-Kahn lawyer in France said he had filed a counterclaim against Banon for "false declarations."

Political insiders in France have been commenting that Banon’s false accusations against Kahn are politically motivated because Banon’s mother and Kahn were both planing to run for the Socialist Party presidential primaries in France. Mansouret recently pulled out of the Socialist Party presidential primaries to prevent allegations that she manipulated her daughter to make false allegations against her political rival. Strauss-Kahn had been a front-runner for the party nomination until his New York arrest over a sex scandal with a black skinned, African maid, and suggestions that the case was floundering have revived talk of his chances in next year's presidential elections.

French prosecutors are expected to review the complaint and determine whether there is enough evidence to press charges.

Banon's attorney, Koubbi, told CNN the alleged attack had taken place with "extreme violence." Koubbi can’t yet explain why there are no medical records, from 2003, showing treatment of Banon's alleged extreme violence.

The new legal fireworks came after questions arose about the truthfulness of a housekeeper who alleged that Strauss-Kahn, 62, attacked her in his New York hotel suite in May. Some observers say the timing of the new court complaint shows political motivation, to prevent Kahn from entering the Socialist Party presidential primaries in France.

Banon's mother, Socialist politician Anne Mansouret, said shortly after the housekeeper's accusations were splashed across front pages around the world that her daughter had been attacked by Strauss-Kahn in 2003 but that she had discouraged her at the time from filing charges against him.

Prosecutors in France made a public statement that if Kahn is convicted of attempted rape and it is shown that Banon's statements were true, they will prosecute Banon’s mother, Anne Mansouret, for violating Penal Code section 1, ARTICLE 434-5 “obstructing the intervention of justice.” Mansouret has already accused herself of a crime by making wild statements to the French media about her daughters case.

For example, ARTICLE 434-5 goes as follows: Any threat or any other intimidation made against any person with a view to persuading the victim of a felony or a misdemeanor not to file a complaint or to retract is punished by three years' imprisonment and a fine of €45,000.

Mansouret, a member of parliament, said she cautioned Banon not to file a police report at the time for fear it would hurt her journalism career.

Mansouret basically intimated her daughter, by putting fear into her over losing her journalistic career, to prevent her from making a statement to the police in a failed attempt to secure her own political career in the Socialist party in France.

Banon "expects to be destroyed" after filing the complaint against Strauss-Kahn, her mother said. Mansouret is again using her political experience to evoke emotions in the French public, but intelligent French people know that justice in France is blind and after the facts are sorted out, the truth will be reveled. The court system in France is not a political arena were someone can talk their way out of a situation like Madam Mansouret is trying to do. Banon’s competent lawyer and the French authorities are well equipped to protect Banon from being destroyed by anyone.  Unfortunately, for Madam Mansouret, her smoke screen to protect herself from prosecution will not last long and her arrest is sure to come soon.

Mansouret provided more incriminating evidence about herself to the media by described herself last week as "the woman who embarrasses the Socialist Party." She is basically showing the French public that she has no credibility because she prides herself in causing trouble.

"I am ... a sort of collateral damage in the DSK affair. I knew for a long time that my political career was sealed with this bomb, but I didn't imagine that this bitter past could be revived so violently," she wrote Friday on the Rue89 website, referring to the alleged attack in New York.

Unfortunately,  for Mansouret, she spoke to soon because evidence has surfaced that shows the New York maid lied about her allegations against Strauss-Kahn. The maid spoke to a man in prison telling him that she was planning to lie about Strauss Kahn to get money out of him. The prison system recorded her conversation with the man.

If Mansouret would have taken advice from her lawyer, "make no comments," she would have been in a better legal position and she would have retained her credibility with the French public.

Lesbian clown, Tristane Banon, wearing a men's hat.